Want to find out more about how you can protect older adults and help them make the best possible financial decisions?

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We train all employees who interact directly or indirectly with investors, including wealth managers, sales and marketing personnel, and compliance and legal team members. Our trainers include nationally known experts in the fields of behavioral and geriatric psychiatry, healthcare delivery, and wealth management. We offer multiple types of live training sessions, including role play simulations, in a variety of subject areas, including:

  • Identifying situations where cognitive impairment may be present in older adults
  • Starting and sustaining conversations around aging and financial decision-making
  • Protecting older adults from financial exploitation
  • Working with families to develop strategies for coping with cognitive and behavioral issues
  • Building bridges among inter-generational families
  • Facilitating dialogues with clients about what money means at an emotional level
  • Aligning financial goals and plans with client risk and emotional characteristics

We offer a full range of coaching services to wealth managers, compliance personnel, and other employees at their firms. These coaching services provide an even more personalized level of ongoing support. Available coaching services include:

  • Direct consultation with experienced healthcare professionals via email and phone
  • Support in working with difficult to reach clients
  • Access to proprietary Cogniscient clinical and market research
  • Healthcare and caregiving referral services
  • Psychiatric referral services

Cogniscient can help you design and build the organizational, technical, and customer support infrastructures that will enable your company to successfully meet the needs of senior investors. We offer strategic and program management consulting services delivered in partnerships with experts in organizational behavior, software development, project management, and healthcare.

  • Program implementation
  • Software tool development
  • FINRA compliance
  • Organizational change
  • Project management

We can work with you to develop customized coaching, training, and consulting programs and materials to meet your specific needs.

Contact Cogniscient at info@cognisc.com or 617 484 4893 for more information about our training, coaching, and consulting programs.