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The physical, cognitive, and behavioral changes that come with aging pose the greatest threat to the financial security of older adults.

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rising costs
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For older adults and their families, financial planning and health care considerations are inseparable.


% of US seniors who have been financially exploited


% of adults over 50 with at least one chronic illness


age of peak financial decision-making capacity


number of people in the US who turn 60 every day

If you are a financial advisor and do not have a plan for helping your older clients achieve their health care and cost goals, you are not addressing their most urgent needs.

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Sources: 2015 Nationwide Retirement Institute survey, 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement Survey, 2014 Cogniscient survey

At Cogniscient, our mission is to protect older adults and help them make the best possible financial decisions.

We provide a suite of cloud-based Whealthcare™ planning tools specifically for financial advisors that have been developed in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital physicians, Ned Hallowell, MD, and financial planning experts.


Chris Heye, PhD

CEO and Founder


Tony Weiner, MD

Director, Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry, Mass General Hospital

Trial investigator


Ned Hallowell, MD

Psychiatrist, Founder of the Hallowell Centers


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